Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's your Life!

People of 21st century often quote,
"we live life on the edge".

I'm really afraid sometimes,that they might fall from the planet this way.
No offense!

I have spent enough time in most of the cities across India,seen lives, those emotions, hatred and some
And as usual I couldn't stop myself from observing the people I met,
the co-passengers, the hawkers-vendors, the sellers and the buyers, the teachers and
the priests, the goers and the comers,the professionals and the nomads.
But,I missed the human in them.

Being genuine is such a crime now a days, that those who are, hide their reality and those who
are not, proud to be fake.

Who am I to judge them?
I'm the one, who listened, laughed, cried, observed, understood,played when they needed me to.
So what?
Yes, I can't read palm or eyes, like a typical Bollywood actor.
Who am I?
I'm Genuine.

It's not a self-praise,as I don't consider Genuine as an adjective or a specialty,
as it's in one instincts to be real.

I often interact and people revert that they actually need a break from their life,
they need peace, they need to talk themselves, and that they are missing the one they used
to be once.
The beauty of life is actually in living and not surviving.
It's not a pot-shot at some industry or a lifestyle, it's about you, your soul, your core.

I recall the climax of The Matrix Revolution, when Oracle(sitting in a garden) smiled at the sunshine,
even a software program realized what nature means for a good life.

Living for me, is like
when you wake up, you could actually feel the depth of your breath,
when you feel good as the sunshine warms you,
when you could enjoy the last sip of your tea,
when you could waste some of your time waiting for someone close,
when you could cheer at nothing,
when you feel the pain when you're tired,
when you realize you need someone to talk to now,
& when you are actually looking for a reason why your tomorrow should not be decided by others.

Feel it! It's your Life!!